I want to build but I have no plans. Are you able to assist?

Yes. We can offer you a design and construct (D&C) contract option. This process is where we as the builders are involved with every aspect of the project from the very beginning of the design process, straight through to construction. This process is commonly preferred since it is generally much more feasible and eliminates the task of dealing with a number of architects and consultants and then trying to find a builder. Instead, Buildcor offers a simple systemised service that allows your vision to be brought to life, without the hassles that go with it.

What is a preliminary agreement?

A preliminary agreement is separate to the building contract, and is basically an agreement which allows us to carry out preliminary works. The works that are generally defined on the agreement may include plan preparation, soil tests, engineering, site surveys, etc.

Do I need a building permit?
As a general rule of thumb, all building works over $20,000 require a Building Permit (i.e. Building Approval, or BA). However, if your project is under $20,000 and the work affects the way in which the building complies with the applicable building standards or Local Government requirements (i.e. structural signage, changes to existing path of egress to an exit, changes that may alter fire and emergency services, changes to mechanical ventilation, etc.), a building permit would be required. Note that some Local Governments may also request planning approval (i.e. Development Approval, or DA) depending on the nature of your development. Changes such as Change of Use, new signage, works to front facades, aesthetic changes that may affect the streetscape, etc. would then require planning approval.
Is Buildcor Projects a registered building company?
That’s correct! We hold an unrestricted Building Contractor’s Licence with the Building Commission of WA. We also have multiple Building Practitioners amongst our highly competent team.
Do I need to organise any contractors?
No. We have a very large number of specialised and highly skilled contractors that work very closely with our operations team to enable a start-to-finish service for our projects. Buildcor’s diversified portfolio of projects enables a suitable professional to be sourced to guarantee results. This is all part of our service!
Will my site need retaining?
If the neighbouring block is higher or lower than yours, or if the block is sloped, then you may require retaining walls. This will help to prevent soil erosion, but also ensure that the higher block’s soil does not fall into the lower block. Different types of retaining options commonly include panel and post retaining, or limestone wall retaining when the wall is required to be load bearing.
Do I need to select from one of your designs or can you custom-build my project?
This is where we shine. We want your vision to come to life. Once you have provided us with your design brief we can customise to suit your needs and your budget. At the design stage you will have the flexibility to create your dream project without the worry of hidden costs. Once the design has been finalised, we can provide you with a competitive proposal.
How do I make my selection?
We have a showroom in-house, as well as Interior Design and pre-start consultants that can assist you with your selections. Our dedicated team will ensure that your project is given the flare and excitement that you are looking for, and we love to incorporate new and innovative products, as well as energy efficient options, into every project.
Are you members of any of the recognised industry associations?

Yes, we are members of the Master Builders Association (MBA), the Australian Institute of Management WA (AIMWA), and also Wesbuilders.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter, our buildings shape us.”





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